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I manage a busy roof and gutter cleaning company that services residential and commercial properties throughout Buckinghamshire.

We also provide roof and gutter repair services.

If you wish to get a quote to have the moss removed from your roof or get a price for cleaning your gutters, please just send me a quick message.

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This is our very first virtual event and we hope to raise as much cash as possible in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. 

If you want to be a part of something special, join us today, to help us make a difference. 

If you wish to make a direct donation, please visit our official page at Macmillan Cancer Support. The link is below:

Our Networks Coffee Morning - Official Macmillan Cancer Support Page

Thank you.


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Welcome to Our Networks! 

Click the link to choose your membership type -  Memberships 

Memberships are added manually, so if  you sign up during 11pm-7am, your account will be upgraded by 8am.

All other account upgrades will be done as soon as confirmation of subscription/direct debit are received.

Click your profile link to add your profile picture, cover and to add a description to your profile.

If you've signed up for a business membership, you can create a separate business profile by clicking your profile image in the top right hand corner and clicking create new profile. You will then get the option to set up an organisation profile for your account - this is the create new profile page.

Once you have set up your business profile, you can go back to your profile image in the top right hand corner and switch between your accounts at any time, so you can post as either your personal or business profile.

Everyone with a membership can create events, discussions, posts, groups and Ads.

Only business customers are allowed to advertise jobs and business services on Our Networks.

All services and products advertised by business accounts must be 10% lower than they would normally cost.

All Ads will be active for 60 days, so please remember to repost if you are advertising your business services or products.

All business accounts should create a group page and ask customers to join their group pages to access special offers and features.

Please be sure to post any questions in the Questions thread in the Discussion section and I will answer them as quickly as possible.

I hope this Quick Start Guide helps and I look forward to getting to know you all.


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